Friday, September 26, 2008

Pencil sketching

Pencil sketching is my favortie hobby! This is the only one photo-realistic pencil sketch I ever made. A monochrome photo is nothing but a collection of different shades. I love shades!

Last year, it was fun to make this photo-realistic sketch of my wife! I was inspired by sketches at, so I ended up making this one! 


Murugesh said...

i knew baski as a nerd.. paddips kind of a guy... Did you do this kind of stuff while you were in the college? Quite a transformation.. However you are doing a good job leading your life.. cheers.. murugesh

Udayabaskar said...

Thanks for the comments, Murugesh! I never did any serious sketching or painting during my childhood or college day, but I always sketched something and threw it away! My first serious attempt to paint took place at Ranchi, Bihar. I painted "Gold fishes" in oil-paint inspired by a painting that was published in the rear cover of Reader's Digest. I gifted that to my room-mate (one of my closest friend) Venkat. This painting decorates his living hall at NJ. After 12yrs, my thirst towards art was again initiated by my cousin Preethi who works at Cisco. Hence these art works are! :)