Friday, September 26, 2008

Pencil sketching

Pencil sketching is my favortie hobby! This is the only one photo-realistic pencil sketch I ever made. A monochrome photo is nothing but a collection of different shades. I love shades!

Last year, it was fun to make this photo-realistic sketch of my wife! I was inspired by sketches at, so I ended up making this one! 


Couple of days ago, I got a call from a person called Mark Andersan. He identified himself as an officer at INS and wanted to do a background check on me. He had typical American Accent and his voice was so authentic, so I trusted. The "background check" was good until he refered "16 idlies" (idly - South Indian Rice cake) that I ate during my college days. It was fun to challenge eating 16idlies, but it was known to only few people. Therefore, it was fishy and, suddenly, I became alert and suspicious. After ragging me for 30mins appx., he revealed himself that he is Murugesan!

Murugesh was my batch mate at SIT. I was thrilled to talk to him after two decades. He initiated hunting our batch mates and I am happy to see more and more of our batch mates are responding. Hats off, Murugesh.

Here is Murugesh's Photo with his kids. I adjusted levels and added some blur effect to it.

Like the Tamil movie Autograph (, we started saying Hi to each other, try to remember, hunt, and re-establish relationship with missing contacts.

Two decades is a very long period. Many things changed in my life and, I am sure, with all others too. As a human being, a social animal with sixth sense,
  • we develop new relationships and forget the old ones soon.
  • Our memory fades...
  • we try to achieve financial freedom. Thus get into the misery of life
  • we develop our Ego
  • we start comparing ourselves with others and it becomes part of our day to day life until we get wisdom of finding the purpose of our life
What I am curious to see is how this long forgotten and newly re-established friendship binds everyone. I want to observe the following when we all meet next year,
  • Do we compare ourselves on career, assets earned, lifestyle, and where we live etc?
  • Do we have superior / inferior feelings?
I have an instinct that says happiness will be the net result of next year's meeting by overcoming all our negatives! May God bless all of us!

Rain of lights

Today, I captured this shot at Macaroni Grill. Shutter on BULB mode, Focal length 26mm, and Aperture F25 for 7secs. I shook my hands little as I held the camera. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gift for my Love

On June 7th, we had baby shower for my wife.  I made this Oil painting (inspired by the original one found on internet) as a special gift to my wife on this occassion.