Friday, September 26, 2008


Couple of days ago, I got a call from a person called Mark Andersan. He identified himself as an officer at INS and wanted to do a background check on me. He had typical American Accent and his voice was so authentic, so I trusted. The "background check" was good until he refered "16 idlies" (idly - South Indian Rice cake) that I ate during my college days. It was fun to challenge eating 16idlies, but it was known to only few people. Therefore, it was fishy and, suddenly, I became alert and suspicious. After ragging me for 30mins appx., he revealed himself that he is Murugesan!

Murugesh was my batch mate at SIT. I was thrilled to talk to him after two decades. He initiated hunting our batch mates and I am happy to see more and more of our batch mates are responding. Hats off, Murugesh.

Here is Murugesh's Photo with his kids. I adjusted levels and added some blur effect to it.

Like the Tamil movie Autograph (, we started saying Hi to each other, try to remember, hunt, and re-establish relationship with missing contacts.

Two decades is a very long period. Many things changed in my life and, I am sure, with all others too. As a human being, a social animal with sixth sense,
  • we develop new relationships and forget the old ones soon.
  • Our memory fades...
  • we try to achieve financial freedom. Thus get into the misery of life
  • we develop our Ego
  • we start comparing ourselves with others and it becomes part of our day to day life until we get wisdom of finding the purpose of our life
What I am curious to see is how this long forgotten and newly re-established friendship binds everyone. I want to observe the following when we all meet next year,
  • Do we compare ourselves on career, assets earned, lifestyle, and where we live etc?
  • Do we have superior / inferior feelings?
I have an instinct that says happiness will be the net result of next year's meeting by overcoming all our negatives! May God bless all of us!

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Murugesh said...

Hi Baskar
Thanks for you kind words.. You have done a good job on the Autograph.. Fascinating..
Re Union with our old friends and their beloved families should be a happy occasion.

Always my grandfather told me a short story..
“You want to be a Fly or a Honey Bee??”
There is fecal matter (shit) and wild flowers next to it with nectar.Bee (Fly) chooses to go to the fecal matter where as the “Honey Bee” chooses the nectar.

There is always Bees and Honey Bee in this world. Let’s all be the Sweet Bee’s and settle only for the best..

Lets all have fun.. Happy, Happy, Happy, Fun, Fun and more Fun, after all we are all the product of Fun..

Your Friend..