Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This logo is my latest art work using Inkscape vector graphics software! I made this for my friend's recently launched restaurant at Pleasanton, CA. 

Creating a logo is an awesome experience. It is like a puzzle to be solved. A logo should match the name of the business, and reflect the goal of the business. Logo design involves 50% work from the artist and 50% from the client who needs the logo. 

In this logo designing project, the requirement was to design a lady with welcoming appearence. As I worked with my friend Padma (Wife of Siva who is one of the founders of Sannidi), the welcoming appearence changed to waitress appearence. Later the waitress was decorated with blouse and saree! Then, she was decorated with bangles, bindhi, and the ear ring! Finally, the resulting logo impressed Sannidi team!


Gokula Krishnan said...

The logo is very good.
Is there any theme behind the colours chosen...

With your talent on drawing, i think you can try cartoons with some themes behind... Pictures will travel a extra mile always i think...

Udayabaskar said...

Padma wanted the theme of Indian Flag for this logo, so the colors are! :)

I did not yet try cartoons seriously. I think that one needs an extraordinary talent to be a cartoonist. A cartoonist must be humorous, intellectual, and a sketcher. I do not know whether I reached that stage yet, but no harm in trying.

crea said...

What a farce! No creativity but rather an insulting view of an Indian woman, exacerbating the stereotype. As an Indian woman and an artist, I am insulted by the portrayal of the logo. You should be ashamed.

Udayabaskar said...

Hi Crea,

Thanks for the comments. What did I not understand is what made you to feel it is an insult for an Indian woman!

First of all, in my opinion, saree is a traditional and favorite dress of Indian Females. For example, Indian females still like costly Silk Sarees even in this 21st century.

Secondly, in most Indian restaurants, the chef and servers are males. But, to be unique, the female image is chosen for Sannidi Logo.

Therefore, what made you to be offended? Is it the choice of female image OR the Saree OR the way the female is created OR the choice of colors OR serving style of the female?

In my opinion, the outcome of my thoughts is an Art! So be this logo too!

There are many artists painted female and male nudes that became world famous paintings. Even there are lots of female/male nude sculptures that are treated to be master pieces! Please look at Salome of Robert Henri, a 19th century artist: What do you think about this?

In Chennai Marina beach, there is statue of Kannaki, a Tamil heroine of Pandya Kings period. This statue is nothing less than my logo. That is why I am not getting clarity on what made you to think that I should be ashamed of?

If you read my response, please respond.


-- Udayabaskar

Udayabaskar said...

I do not understand why the blogspot did not give any option for editing my comments as it allows to edit my blog! I had to delete my previous comment that had few typo. :)

Gokula Krishnan said...

Baskar, You can delete your own comments.

Follow this link,

Gokula Krishnan said...


You have inner thoughts on many topics. That should be useful for your cartoons.

Waiting for your first one!!!

Kaveena said...

the logo is pretty cool! it says "ambience", "hospitality" and nothing more, not sure why anyone would be offended by it..